Mahbub Ul Alam, A new employee

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely time. 🙂

I am Mahbub Ul Alam. I’ve recently started as a PhD student here at DSV.

My research interest is in ‘Cognitive internet of things (IoT) based smart health-care systems using deep learning and advanced machine learning’.

Potential research problem areas include:
1. Machine learning framework for IoT.
2. Intelligent data, i.e., machine-understandable, resource-recognition, knowledge representation, big data, deep learning, and advanced machine learning.
3. Clinical decision support systems in health-IoT.
4. Patient-centric personalized health-care systems and applications.
5. Distributed intelligent data processing in IoT.

I have a master’s degree at the Institute of Natural Language Processing (IMS), University of Stuttgart, Germany. In my master’s thesis, I worked to understand the hidden layer mechanisms of deep neural networks in natural language processing (automatic speech recognition) domain.

I have a bit of work experience in software engineering at Samsung Research and Development Institute Bangladesh.

I believe in diversity, and love to explore new and fresh technological innovations. I like to think that every aspect of my previous experiences is helping me to move forward for my future career. I always keep in mind that, the central principle of my life is ‘Let all of us prosper together.’

The people are super nice and friendly here, and I am looking forward to working together with all of you at DSV.

Let all of us prosper together. 🙂


Mahbub Ul Alam

Mahbub Ul Alam

About Mahbub Ul Alam

I am a Ph.D. student working on the research subject ‘AI and Data Science’ at the Department of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University. My research work involves improving the internet of medical things-based smart healthcare applications with the utilization of distributed machine learning. For more information please visit:
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