Apprenticeship Simulation presented at EDOC

Martin Henkel and Ilia Bider demonstrated the teaching concept of Apprenticeship Simulation at the EDOC conference in Stockholm. Apprenticeship Simulation makes use of multi-media sources to present realistic cases that the student can work with. The concept is specially designed for teaching subjects which include both tacit and explicit knowledge, such as Enterprise Modelling (EM). As a part of the demonstration, a Case-Based Immersive Learning Environment used for teaching at Stockholm University was shown.



About MartinH

Martin Henkel work as assistant professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University. Martin earned his PhD from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in 2008 in the area of service oriented information systems. As a member of several international program committees Martin engages in the research areas enterprise modeling, service oriented computing, business value modeling and enterprise capability design. Through research projects and consulting Martin has been involved in domains such as health care, IT system for energy efficiency and information system analysis, design and development.
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