Maria Bampa, new employee

Hej I am Maria!

I have been working as a research assistant, here at the Department of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University since April 2019 jointly at IS unit and at SAS unit. I am working on a project until the end of August, for the prediction of adverse drug events utilizing data from electronic health records and my supervisors are Panos Papapetrou and Hercules Dalianis. 

I have a Master’s in Health Informatics where I was introduced to various courses concerning tools, standardization and data science for health informatics. During my undergraduate studies at Athens University of Economics and Business, I was introduced to Computer Science and Information Systems and their managerial applications. I gained a firm footing on Information Technology by attending various courses like Programming in several languages, Mathematics, Databases, and Theoretical Computer Science.

My time here at DSV has been great and fun, working with well educated and knowledgeable people!

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