Prof. Anna Dreber talk on (Predicting) replication outcomes, May 12, 2021

Speaker: Anna Dreber, professor, Stockholm School of Economics

Title: (Predicting) replication outcomes

Why are there so many false positive results in the published
scientific literature? And what is the actual share of results
that do not replicate in different literatures in the experimental
social sciences? I will discuss several recent large replication
projects, as well as our studies on “wisdom-of-crowds” mechanisms
like prediction markets and forecasting surveys where researchers
attempt to predict replication outcomes as well as new outcomes.

Time: Wednesday May 12, 2021, 13-14.00

Anna Dreber is the Johan Björkman Professor of Economics at the
Stockholm School of Economics, as well as a Wallenberg Scholar
and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Her research is mainly in meta-science and behavioral economics,
please see for more.

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