LREC 2022 – Accepted papers

Hello everyone!

We have two new papers accepted to the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, LREC 2022 that takes place in Marseille the upcoming June!

The first paper is authored by Thomas Vakili, Aron Henriksson, Hercules Dalianis, and me and is called “Downstream Task Performance of BERT Models Pre-Trained Using Automatically De-Identified Clinical Data” with code 412. It evaluates the performance of a language model that is trained using De-identified clinical text in later tasks, and explores the de-identification impact in the development of the language model.

The second paper is authored by Aron Henriksson, Hercules Dalianis, and me and is called “Evaluating Pre-training Strategies for Clinical BERT Models” with code 661. It empirically compares different pre-training strategies for the development of domain-adapted language models in the Swedish clinical text domain.

You can find all the accepted papers including the ones mentioned above here!



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