Nodalida May 25-26, 2007, Tartu, Estonia.

Konstantinos Charitakis presented his EMIS master thesis in form of a scientific paper with the title “Using Parallel Corpora to Create a Greek-English Dictionary with UPLUG” at Nodalida 2007, the 16th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics, at University of Tartu, Estonia. Sumithra and Hercules joined him. Martin Hassel, CSC-KTH that soon will join our department presented also two papers “Widening the HolSum Search Scope” co-author Jonas Sjöbergh and “Linguistically Fuelled Text Similarity” co-author Björn Andrist, see also photos.

About Hercules

I am a professor working at DSV-Stockholm University, I perform research in natural language processing and information retrieval, the last ten years I have been working on text mining on electronic patient records to build useful tools to improve health. Hercules homepage
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