Research visit in Australia, November 29- December 10, 2010

Sumithra Velupillai and I were invited to NICTA, National ICT Australia, in Canberra, December 7th – 10th, 2010, to work on an EU-application within Natural Language Technology and E-health encompassing 13 partners, as well as to plan forfuture collaborative efforts. Our hosts at NICTA were Hanna Suominen and Leif Hanlen. We also gave an invited talk at a seminar describing our research within clinical text mining.
Preceding this visit, I was also invited to the Macquire University, the University of Sydney, and to CSIRO, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Sydney. At CSIRO, I visited Cecile Paris’ group and gave a talk about out IMAIL project answering e-mails automatically in an E-government setting. At the University of Sydney, Sumithra, Hanna and Leif joined me for visiting Prof. Jon Patrick’s group where I gave a talk on our clinical text mining research and Jon Patrick and his group described and demonstrated a very nice set of applications and technologies on clinical text mining using SNOMED.
I found Sydney and Canberra very beautiful and impressive and I would really like to travel there again though it is a very long journey over 25 hours airflight.

About Hercules

I am a professor working at DSV-Stockholm University, I perform research in automatic text summarization and information retrieval using human language technology aswell as text mining on electronic patient records. I like to teach on my research but also supervising master thesis students. Hercules homepage
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